I think i run into a issue when trying to setup the ledborg directory

I am using the Raspberry pi 2 model b

This first part works fine
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get -y install python-dev python-setuptools
With easy_install we can install WiringPi 2 by using the following command:
sudo easy_install wiringpi2

Its when i get to lesson 1 i put all the code and the led do not activate

Please help thanks

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Okay, we can try downloading the completed script and see if that works okay.

First go to the LedBorg directory:
cd ~/ledborg

Next we will rename the copy you already have:

Now we can download the finished copy from the website:
wget -O

We tell the Raspberry Pi this is a script we can run:
chmod +x

Now we should be able to run this script:
sudo ./

If everything is working you should see the LedBorg turn yellow for about five seconds.

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