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Hi people,

As PiBorg suggested me on Twitter I expand my request to this forum. I don't know if you alredady know what a Pine64 is, so here goes a link to its kickstarter project, wich I and more than 30000 people did.


My request is about "porting" LedBorg board to Pine64, taking advantage of its Pi compatible pinout. The thing is to find out how to control GPIO en Ubuntu Xenial and how to adapt the code to make it work with Pine64.

I'd really love being able to continue using my LedBorg on my new board so I hope we get it to the point soon. Guys, much appreciated for your help.


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The LedBorg examples are currently using wiringpi2, this may not be available for the Pine 64.
Driving the GPIO will likely be fairly simple assuming new examples need to be made.

LedBorg will sit on the first 26 pins and will use:

  • Red channel – GPIO 17 / PC7
  • Green channel – GPIO 27 / PH9
  • Blue channel – GPIO 22 / PC12

To get the basic colours the GPIO pins simply need to be turned on or off.
This will allow for 8 colours plus off.

To get full colour control we will need some king of PWM output on these pins.
With the Raspberry Pi we have been using the WiringPi library to perform the PWM in software.
It is possible that the Pine64 will have libraries which allow full PWM control via software or hardware.

What I have yet to find out is what libraries exist for GPIO control in the various software distributions.
It is quite possible that they are not all the same in this regard.

For anyone who is interested there is a pinout document for the ports here:

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