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I am looking at the basic and full kit to not hit a wall. That is all I need it for. I will be pairing it with the Red Edition. Any advice?

Thank you

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It all depends which directions you need to check for walls.

If you are just trying to avoid hitting walls in front of the DiddyBorg then a single ultrasonic sensor on the front facing directly forward may be enough.

If you want a to try and figure out steering based on which side is nearer then two ultrasonic sensors mounted on the front corners aimed slightly outward can tell you that.

Finally if you want to know where things are behind you as well then the best bet would be a sensor on each of the four corners.

If you just want more sensors without the servos you can add them to you order:
Ultrasonic distance sensor (HC-SR04)
Mounting kit and cable for the HC-SR04

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