Tuning values stored in UltraBorg?


Sorry to be a bit dense, are the revised values for servo positions generated using the tuning GUI saved permanently in the UltraBorg board? In other words, if I code servo controls with my own Python script (based on yours, of course) will it automatically use the values set using ubTuningGui.py (and survive a reboot)?

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Yes, the tuning values are stored in EEPROM on the board.

What happens is the library asks the board for these values when it is loaded.
It then translates the +1.0 to -1.0 values passed to the SetServoPosition* calls to the corresponding values.

As a double-check the UltraBorg itself will also check the values sent are in range and limit them if they are not :)

That's pretty much as I assumed, but we all know that "assume" makes an ass of u and me!

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