Minimum voltage Ultraborg


Hi !

I want to run my ultraborg on a small battery and I have found one.
What is the minimum voltage the Ultraborg needs to work ?


Sam Devolder

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It will all depend on what is attached to the UltraBorg.

  • The UltraBorg itself needs a bare minimum of 3.0 V, but this will not be enough for most uses.
  • The Ultrasonic sensors (HC-SR04) really want to be at 5.0 V, but they will typically work with a minimum of 4.5 V.
  • Servos vary a lot for voltages, you will need to check the minimums of any servos you are using.
    For example our large servo requires 4.8 V to work correctly.

I think it is unlikely that a 3.7 V battery will be enough.
Running servos below their minimum may work, but they will be very weak so we would not recommend it.

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