Error message when ssh to pi


Hi I'm getting this message when starting from ssh into my pi. It still works but I have to back out of ssh and go back in because it stops me entering any more commands after this message pops up.

./ DepecationWarning: the wiringpi2 module has been deprecated, please 'import wiringpi' instead.
Import wiringpi2 as wiringpi

Anyone know what this means? Thanks.

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Everything is actually behaving as expected, Linux will not return the prompt to you until the script finishes. What you need to do is tell Linux to run the script in the background. You can do this with most programs and scripts.

To run the script in the background simply add a & symbol at the end of the command like this:

sudo ./ &

The script should start running and return the prompt almost immediately. If you do not see the prompt try pressing Enter a couple of times.

As for the message it is warning you that wiringpi2 is no longer being supported or developed for. This means in the future it may not work and the script will need to be changed to use wiringpi instead. For now if it is working there is no need to make any changes :)

Thanks I'll give that a try now.

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