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Hi PiBorg

I am still working on my V1 DiddyBorg, the 4S LiPo battery seems to be working well.

I am now going to add the UltraBorg and 4x Ultrasonic sensors. I know that I can power the ultraBorg from the BatteryBorg using the connectors and linking to the PiBorg. There will be no problems with the power supply to the Pi using this system? I am not planning on using servos (atm).

Also I would like to add a cliff detector to prevent the DiddyBorg from taking a tumble down the stairs, any thoughts re the most appropriate technique?

I have seen physical systems like a rod on the ground, when it drops the "floor" has gone, to using IR LED's and sensors.

Final question (for now) would the V2 sensor mount kit fit with the V1 DiddyBorg?

Many Thanks in Advance


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Powering 4x Ultrasonic sensors and the UltraBorg from the BattBorg will be fine, they do not use much power at all. Generally speaking we only recommend a separate supply / BattBorg when you start powering servos from the UltraBorg as they can take a fair amount of current.

The IR LED and sensor sounds like a good plan to me, you should get a clear difference in reading when there is no floor to reflect off. You will need some way to pulse the LED briefly so that it does not burn out or take too much power. You could also do the same thing with a low power laser and a light sensor.

Unfortunately the V2 sensor mounts are designed to fit into the new slots cut into the DiddyBorg V2 chassis. The V1 does not have these same slots so they will not fit :(

We do have an Ultrasonic Module Mount Kit which you could insert on the posts for the DiddyBorg V1 chassis and mount the sensors that way instead.

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