How bright is the ledborg?


I'm planning to build a small lamp / status indicator with a box and the ledborg. Please see the attached diagram.

If I set the ledborg at full 222, would I be able to see the box light up through a piece of paper? The idea is for the light to be as diffused as possible —hence the paper—, and make it seem like a tiny lamp. I'm thinking about covering the insides of the box with tinfoil.

What do you think?

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A normal piece of paper blocks too much light for this, you can see the LED clear enough but not much light actually makes it out.
Maybe a thin or translucent paper would work well enough, tracing paper might do the trick.

If you need more light you could have 3x LedBorg connected to a Raspberry Pi using a TriBorg, this should triple the amount of light which gets through, but you would still want a thin bit of paper.

The use of tinfoil will help, the light is sent out close to a full hemisphere so a fair amount of light will be lost without the tinfoil.

That is actually very helpful, thank you.

I completely missed the Triborg product. If I had known, I would have ordered it along with extra ledborgs for my Christmas project :(

Anyway, thanks for the help!

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