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I’m using some servos on the board using a raspberry pi and when I go to use any one of the 4 servo channels all 4 come on at the same time no matter what one I have plugged in where and which one I turn on, can you please help me seperate the servos so I can control them independent.

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All four servos are powered whenever they are connected to the UltraBorg and when the board has 5V power connected. When the board powers up it resets the positions of all the servos to their startup position as set in the Tuning GUI.

The servos should only change position when they are sent a new position from a GUI or script. Unfortunately there is no way to "power off" servos on the UltraBorg.

I’m just trying only make one servo turn at a time not all at once.

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When you move one of the sliders in the GUI only one servo should move.

If other servos are moving as well it is likely that the 5V power cannot deliver enough current for all of the servos you have attached. How are you powering the servos?

The servos are externally powered

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It would help us figure out what the problem is if you let us know more about how things are connected up:

  1. What servos are you using and are they all the same?
  2. What power supply / batteries are you using?
  3. Which script / example are you trying to use?
  4. Do the other servos move a little or a lot?
  5. Photos of how everything is wired would help a lot
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