raspian stretch and monsterborg

Do you have any up-to-date instructions to help pair ps3 controller with raspberry pi 4 running stretch?

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Unfortunately I have not tried using stretch with the Pi 4, only buster.

Assuming the Pi 4s Bluetooth is working correctly I would expect these instructions to work: http://forum.piborg.org/blog/pi-zero-wifi-ps3 as they work fine with a Pi 4 and buster.

If not then the instructions for Jessie on this page were working fine for me with stretch on the 3B+: http://forum.piborg.org/rpi-ps3-help - note that the connect step can be a bit temperamental and may need repeating a few times before it is successful.

When I run the commoand sudo ~/sixpair I get the respnse "No controller found on USB busses.". Any thoughts?

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Just to check the PS3 controller has both been charged and plugged in to the Raspberry Pi via a USB cable? We have found that they can be problematic when the battery is flat.

Another suggestion is to try a different USB cable. We have seen this problem in the past because of a bad cable or hub.

I understand from the Raspberry Pi forums that the Pi4 will not run the Stretch operating system, only Buster is viable. How did you manage it?

My bad. I am running Buster on RPi4, not stretch. Sorry for the confusion.

Do you have to hit any specific buttons on the PS3 controller to get it into pairing mode?

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The sixpair command just needs the PS3 controller plugged in to the USB.

Did you try a different USB cable?

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