How many motors?

How many DC motors can you use for the Thunderborg motor controller?

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It depends on what motors you have and how you want to control them :)

ThunderBorg has two independent outputs. This means if you need to have all of your motors set to different speeds then you can only control two motors.

If multiple motors will always run at the same speed then they can share a motor output. You can add as many motors as you like to an output as long as the sum of their stall currents is within the 6A maximum limit of the ThunderBorg.

For example our DiddyBorg v2 robot has a single ThunderBorg controlling a total of six motors. The left side are all connected to one output and the right side are all connected to the other output. This means left and right speeds are controlled separately, but not each motor. It uses our P25UK12 motors which have a 2A stall current, so each side uses the full 6A limit :)

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Is it safe to plug four of the PiBorg 300rpm motors into the ThunderBorg?

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Absolutely, our MonsterBorg robot has four of the 300 RPM P37UK12 motors controlled from a single ThunderBorg :)

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