missing thunderborg at 15

Hello, i have write a code and test it in Thonny python IDE and it is working fine, but when i try to run it through the terminal (python myfile.py like that) it shows an error as following:

Loading ThunderBorg on bus 1, address 15
Missing ThunderBorg at 15
ThunderBorg was not found
Are you sure your ThunderBorg is properly attached, the correct address is used, and the I2C drivers are running?
Scanning I�C bus #1
No ThunderBorg boards found, is bus #1 correct (should be 0 for Rev 1, 1 for Rev 2)
No ThunderBorg found, check you are attached :

why the pi cant find the thunderborg here ?

thank you

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I wonder if this is related to the Python version. Thonny uses Python 3, the default python command use Python 2.

Try running your script with Python 3 instead:

python3 myfile.py

hello, thank you for your fast replay.
I try it out but this was not the case, I believe I missed around a lot with the pi trying to test it. so I have reinstalled the raspian OS and start fresh. the pi now can detect the thunderborg, but another problem showed up now.
I am trying diddy2Web without the camera example out. I have enabled the I2C drive and the shell then I download your examples and run it through the terminal... (The output is attached)

I left the terminal open and I tried to access it from my laptop(on the same network) by entering the pi current IP address (see the attached screenshot, please.)

please, can you help me out with this? my code is also attached.
thank you

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The InterruptException shown occurs sometimes when using CTRL + C to end the script. The two ^C markers shown when this was.

Once CTRL + C has been pressed the script will stop handling requests properly even if it did not stop running nicely.

Were there any other exceptions before that one?

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