ultraborg not found when chained to a piborg reverse


Hello hope you are doing well,
I got two ultraborg boards (one year ago and believe me i just open the bag),,, one of then is not detected i tried reinstalling and not success,, but forget about it (wait, something else i can try on it?)........ the other one is detected only if i connect it directly to the raspberry,,, but if i chain it at the end of a piborg reverse it is not recognized,

when directly connected to raspberry

print UltraBorg.ScanForUltraBorg()
Scanning I�C bus #1
Found UltraBorg at 0A
1 UltraBorg board found

when chained

print UltraBorg.ScanForUltraBorg()
Scanning I�C bus #1
No UltraBorg boards found, is bus #1 correct (should be 0 for Rev 1, 1 for Rev 2)

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As the UltraBorg itself works the problem is probably elsewhere.

I have four suggestions you can try:

  1. Make sure the I2C addresses of all the boards are different.
    From your output I see you have changed the UltraBorg to address 10 (0x0A). If the PicoBorg Reverse is also using this address the boards will get confused. The default address for a PicoBorg Reverse is 68 (0x44)
  2. Try changing / swapping the 3-pin cables connecting the UltraBorg.
    It is possible that the cable with the I2C signals is making a poor connection and causing the problem.
  3. Try increasing the delay in the UltraBorg code.
    in UltraBorg.py there is a delay between asking for a value and reading the answer. It is possible this needs to be made a bit larger.
    Look for this line: time.sleep(0.000001)
    and change the value to 0.00001 (one less 0).
  4. Connect the UltraBorg to the Raspberry Pi directly and connect the PicoBorg Reverse to the daisy-chain.
    From our experience the UltraBorg is more picky about the connection and this way around works better.

One of them should fix the problem for you :)

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