UltraBorg I2C splitter


I have a robot project that is already using the I2C ports ( pin 3 SDA and pin 5 SCL) on a raspberry pi 3b+ for a MakerHwak ReSpeaker 2 Mic Pi Hat.

Does anyone know a way that I can run the MakerHwak ReSpeaker 2 Mic Pi Hat and the UltraBorg at the same time. I need both working for my project ?

I have tried plugging the ReSpeaker 2 cables into the Daisy-Chain headers porters 3 and 5 in the hope it would work but is hasnt. - see attached photos

The MakerHwak ReSpeaker 2 Mic Pi Hat has been connected up to the Pi with cables instead of being pushed on as I needed all the GPIO pins on the PI for my project. Its been working well until I attached the Ultraborg, due to the lack of more I2C ports.

Thank you

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Usually that method works fine. My best guess is that the cable length (Pi -> UltraBorg -> ReSpeaker) is too long and slowing the I2C messages down, causing problems.

One possible solution is to use shorter cabling from the Pi to UltraBorg, and from the UltraBorg to ReSpeaker. This should reduce the delay if that is the cause.

Alternatively using a board like TriBorg Plus would provide separate GPIO pins to connect both boards directly to the Pi. You could connect the ReSpeaker directly on to one of the connectors (reducing the wiring), connect the UltraBorg cables to another connector, and still have a completely unused connector for all of your other GPIO connections :)

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