Can't get Ledborg working



I received a Ledborg the other day and after multiple attempts, trawling through the forums, nothing seems to be working for me.

This is where I get to, no green light :(

Installing LedBorg, please wait...
Error: Module ledborg is not currently loaded
update-rc.d: using dependency based boot sequencing
Error: could not insert module /home/pi/ledborg.ko: Invalid module format
./ line 33: /dev/ledborg: Permission denied
LedBorg installed, LedBorg should now be green

I'm very confused as to why this is not working

3.18.7+ (Rev 2)

Can you please offer some guidance.


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It sounds like you are trying to install the old driver based version of the LedBorg software.

I would recommend you use the new driver-free version of the software which can be found here:

There is currently some issues with the GPIO and the Raspberry Pi v2, there is a temporary fix for this here:

This should get you up and running with the LedBorg ^_^

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