MonsterBorg - The ultimate Pi robot

As MonsterBorg is based around the Raspberry Pi 3 it can do some really exciting things. Below are some examples we have come up with to show off what MonsterBorg can do :)

Click on the images to view the examples:

Joystick control

Use a game controller or joystick to drive MonsterBorg.
In this example we use a controller or joystick connected to the Raspberry Pi to directly control MonsterBorg for remote control driving.

Web UI

Drive your MonsterBorg from a smart phone or web browser.
With this example see how you can use your MonsterBorg as a spy bot by driving remotely using the camera image.

Self Drive

Want to have your MonsterBorg drive itself around a course?
See how we can get MonsterBorg to follow a single coloured track using the camera like our robots do in Formula Pi.

Canned Sequence

What if we want to get a MonsterBorg to move in a preset sequence?
This example shows how you can make a complex set of moves by building a sequence of easy to understand commands.

Have your own awesome example? Share it with everyone on our MonsterBorg forum :)

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